The Animation Process: Script Writing

Script writing is very different to writing for the web or other types of sales material. Many factors need to be taken into consideration such as when pauses are needed to give viewers time to absorb the information and whether the dialogue will sound natural when read aloud by a voice artist.

We have expert copywriters who write animation scripts all day long and they will help bring your concept to life.

Despite what you may read in spurious blog posts, there’s no ideal length for an animated video. It entirely depends on the content. As long as we’re educating, engaging and entertaining the audience then they will keep watching. Having said that, we do find that the majority of our animated videos work well around the 150 to 225 word length.

If you have a tone of voice for your brand we will work in that style to create a script that is succinct, to the point and on-brand.

We often use techniques like opening with a hook line and telling personal character based stories to make the stories relatable.

We are familiar with the YouTube best practice guidelines, which define a modern story structure as having multiple points where we need to re-engage the audience.

We often open by getting the brand in early, having an unexpected shift to hook the audience, multiple reveals, a problem-solution structure and a strong call to action.

We may do this by having two characters per episode and change the voice from male to female, which has the effect of making the audience re-engage.

We work collaboratively with you to ensure you’re happy with the words before proceeding to work on the visuals.