Bold Content 8 Promotion Videos That Work

There are many reasons why companies have promotional videos. It’s a great tool to making a powerful first impression, it can improve your Click through Rates (CTR), it can increase your time on site and video is one of the easiest ways of engaging your audience.

Here are six promotional videos that work, are inspirational and fun.

iA Writer Pro

Music is key in this promotional video, there is no speech, but the rhythmic music carry’s you through the video. The video is very well thought through, the shots are clean, everything that is in the shot is supposed to be there. It gives you the impression that by using this app, your life could become as clean and clutter free as this video.

As this promo video is for, what they call “the big sister of”, iA Writer it starts off showing how popular that product was, and then states; that this one will be even better.

If promotes creativity, it values your thought and motivates you to explore them, because in their mind that will lead to brilliance. By the end of this promo video you will probably agree with them.



This video gets an A for effort; they actually built a complete set for this video and drenched it with water. If you wonder how they did that, here is the behind the scenes video. What else is great about this promotional video is that while watching you get an actual preview of what the app is, and what it sounds like. If you like what you heard, the next step to get the actual app is very small. Closing this cap between learning about the app and getting it is very clever.



Feels Like Driving In The Future” is the slogan of this video, and it does feel like that when watching this excellent promo video. It feels like the future but not in a flying car kind of way, it is the future that is right in front of us. This little device will project the route in front of you on the road, so you can keep your eyes on the road and see where need to go.

Additional cool futuristic features are voice-activated controls, it is connected to your smartphone (of course), and you can answer you phone using hand gestures. Receiving a text while you’re driving; just tell your phone what to send back. The best line of the video “It’s just like what commercial airline pilots use when they are landing, you hear that? Pilots use it: it’s safe


Just like iA Writer Pro, this video is also about you, your ideas, and your business. This app promotes individuality, creativity and independence, and in a world like today that is what a lot of people are looking for. The design of this video is great, every shot is thought through, nothing is accidental.

It is only at the end of this video that you find out what Squarespace actually does, it is a tool to create and customize your online presence. They don’t give you any information about how this works, what it costs, or what you can do exactly. It only presents you an image of professional creativity.

Worried about companies taking your online information and selling it? Disconnect is a free browser add-on that enables you to limit your information spreading and tells you who has your information.

What is interesting and different about this promo video is they combination of using a puppet and animation. Adding the puppet sequence to this video gives it a nice twist.


Great promotion video for a great product for anyone working in the creative industry, or is otherwise working with design. This pencil can be used on tablet as a regular pencil, allowing you to write, erase, blend, it responds to surface pressure, every angle gives a different effect, and your palm pressing on you tablet won’t affect your drawing at all.

Wonder how this pencil is build? Their interactive website gives you a breakdown of what is inside this magical pencil.


Shark Wrap

Not satisfied with duct tape? Then Shark Wrap is the product for you. This animated promotion video demonstrates how much stronger and better shark wrap is. They used a similar strategy as Navdy, that this is a safe and trustworthy product. Shark wrap is made from the same material doctors use to fix broken bones, only stronger.



Probably the best promotional video out of all the videos featured here. This three-minute video flies by. It uses animation, on-screen text and voiceover to tell the story. Building on the same desire as the iA Writer Pro and Squarespace – the desire to be different.

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