Bold Content How to Achieve Impactful Video Production

Creating an impactful video in today’s oversaturated market can be challenging—especially when it comes to making a promotional or corporate video. We’ve collected a list of strategies you can employ to help your video ‘pop’. We will cover:

Video Placement
Opening Image

Each of these aspects of film production add up to your final video. With special attention to these six things, you can better pronounce your video theme or goal.

Keep it Simple

Tell a story with your video. It needs to be memorable and emotional—drive the point home.

Define your goal and outline a clear objective the story you will have. Make sure you identify your audience so you know to whom you are speaking. Consider featuring your company values. People don’t necessarily purchase what you do or make. People purchase why you do it. Use this passion in your story.

Consider Where the Video will be Seen

One way to immediately improve the viewability of your ad is to plan for where the viewer will see it. For example, if you are featuring the video on your website, consider the design of your home page. Is there a way to integrate the video with the design? Having a video that is able to interact or blend with the webpage can add that wow-factor for the viewer.

Here’s a great example:

Impactful Video Production

Dramatic Opening Image

Wow your audience with an impressive opening image. Try to use something that will stick with the audience.

This video we made for Adecco opens with a breath-taking, eagle-eye view of a city.

Bold Colour Palette

Colour can go a long way when it comes to video production. Using muted colours can leave the viewer bored, but a bold colour palette will catch the eye and retain attention. You can also use it to make a point—by establishing a colour palette for your video and then breaking it when you want to draw attention to something.

Take a look at this brand video we made for Trafalgar. The colours in this piece pop all across the spectrum, especially with the image we chose to use for the thumbnail.

Proper Lighting

Take it back to basics! Proper lighting in your film can make all the difference. The last thing you want is a bland, flat video to promote your business or product. In order to help your video ‘pop’, use a bold lighting strategy. Assess what setup is going to flatter your content the best, and be dramatic. Just not too dramatic!

Sound design

Sound is arguably the most important part of the post-production stage. The sound of a video can make or break the illusion—it’s one of those things that the viewer shouldn’t notice, rather than take note of. Choosing the best soundtrack to compliment your video can be daunting, but it can make all the difference with audience retention.

There you have it—six strategies to make an impactful video. Remember, keep the story simple. When planning, think about where your video will be placed. Use a bold opening shot and bold colours. Use proper lighting. Give sound design the attention it needs. These steps can vastly improve your promotional or corporate video.