Bold Content Save Money by Creating Tailored Videos for Multiple Platforms


One of the best things about having having your corporate content made from scratch is that you will always have the source material to use again. While this seems like a no-brainer, it is painfully common to see a company or brand create a corporate video and then only use the content for a single platform. Or worse, they share the same video without tailoring it to the designated site, and the video then does not suit the audience. There are numerous ways to tailor and re-purpose your content to get higher viewability out of your shoot. By using this video strategy to stretch your budget, you can get ‘multiple videos from one’.

The easiest way to do this, which we will discuss in detail here, is to create different versions of the same video for different platforms. By making little tweaks to your corporate video, you can make it look as though the video was designed specifically for the designated platform.

This is important because different video hosting sites (your website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram) attract different audiences. By tailoring your video to each platform, you are increasing your chance of catching attention. Here are some tips for you to take advantage of this strategy.

Your Website

tailer videos for multiple contentA video on the home-page of your website is a must-have nowadays. These videos can be a bit longer than what you may put on social media. This is because the typical person you will have visiting your site islooking to learn more about your company. For this reason, a safe bet for your video length is about one to two minutes. You can describe your company, outline and give details on a product or service, and still keep the video interesting in this length of time.


A 60-120 second video will not do as well on Facebook. People scroll through this social media site multiple times a day, looking for quick updates. The trick with sites like Facebook is catching people’s eye, and keeping their attention. Easier said than done, but video length can have a lot to do with this.

We recommend having a 30-second or less video on Facebook. This can easily be cut down from a 2-minute video you have created for your website. With a little bit of extra editing (and keeping the aspect ratio in mind), you can have a Facebook-specific video made from your source.

Smart Phones

Most people that visit social media sites will be doing so on their mobile phone. You will need to keep the size of this screen in mind when you prepare your video. (This starts in pre-production!) Some things we suggest are using large, bold font. Don’t be afraid use incomplete sentences–in fact, short, succinct phrases can get your point across just as well and more quickly. Use close-ups–wide panoramic shots will look amazing on a computer screen, but there simply isn’t enough space for the viewer to appreciate such a shot on a phone. Animated videos can go a long way on this medium, especially when using colourful, bold strokes.


Don’t forget your branding! It helps immensely with brand recognition when you include things like logos, a brand mascot, consistent colours, and text design. Inserting these things can spruce up an otherwise ‘normal’ corporate video and help it be recognisable as one of yours.


A great example we have of using this strategy is our client, Bloomon. We initially created this promotional video for Bloomon’s Facebook audience. The video was so well-received that we were able to easily and cheaply adapt it to television without having to shoot an entirely new video. You can read more on Bloomon here.



So, we’ve discussed above a number of things you can do to stretch your budget with multi-platform videos. One thing we’d like to emphasise is most of this strategy can be accomplished in pre-production. If you have in mind the different social medias/platforms you will use, you can design your video to make post-production easier. Create a longer ‘master video’ first that can be used on your website. Don’t forget to utilise your branding. From here, you can cut down this master video to suite Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, ect. You can even use visually-pleasing screenshots from your video to share on different platforms.

If you’d like to learn more on a related topic, you can read about creating a continuous series of video content on a fixed budget here.