Facebook In-stream Ads


In-stream Ads on Facebook offer New Advertising Opportunities

Facebook has recently introduced something new to their video streaming: advertisements mid-stream. While this has been utilised in the past through television/film streaming services such as Amazon and Hulu, placing ads on ‘viral videos’ opens up a whole new audience... Read More
Castrol Motor Oil


BP Castrol Shows No Brand Too Boring For Video

Creating compelling story driven video content is something that most brands struggle with. A common explanation is that their product is simply too “boring” for video. But proving that even the most “plain” product categories can deliver entertaining video is BP... Read More
Event Video Production Services


How To Create Advisory Video Content From Your Next Event

Hosting an event can require a significant investment of time, money and energy. To ensure that you are maximizing the impact of that event it’s a great idea to capture it on video. There are many types of footage that can be used as part of your event video(s)... Read More
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