Elevate Your Brand with a Heartfelt Anthem Video

Brand Anthem Video  Welcome to the sweet spot where professional meets personal – the world of brand anthem videos. Think of it as the ultimate mixtape of your brand’s greatest hits, but instead of tunes, it’s all about what makes your brand tick.... Read More


Brand Videos at Each Stage of the Marketing Funnel

How Brand Videos can be Used at Each Stage of the Marketing Funnel   Brand videos are versatile tools in a marketing funnel, they’re the only type of video that can be used effectively at each stage of the marketing funnel. One video can do it all!.. Ok we agree... Read More


The Different Types of Brand Videos

The Different Types of Brand Videos We often get asked to help brands communicate who they are, what they do and why people should care. This is where a brand video comes in. But brand videos can be made in a diverse array of styles, each serving a unique purpose in... Read More


Top 10 Employer Brand Videos 2024

What is an Employer Brand Video? An employer brand video is a tool that showcases your company’s culture, values, and work environment to attract top talent. It goes beyond traditional recruitment methods by providing a visual narrative that gives potential... Read More


Case Study: Premium Fireside Chat

Case Study: How Bold Content Video worked alongside AlTi Tiedemann Global’s Brand Team to create a Premium Fireside Chat Marketing managers are continuously seeking innovative ways to captivate their audience and in the realm of corporate communication, the... Read More


What Can Marketers Learn from the 2024 Oscar nominations?

What Can Marketers Learn from the 2024 Oscar nominations?  Creativity pays off The resounding message from the 2024 Oscar nominations is clear: bold creativity pays off. Take, for instance, “Poor Things,” a film with a relatively low $35 Million budget... Read More