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Glossary of Video Production Terms

2D Animation 2D animation has a ‘flat’ style such as the movies “Spirited Away” or “The Lion King”. It makes use of already existing images created with the help of computers and software (Eg. Adobe Photoshop, After Effects etc.). These images will gain movement... Read More
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5 Interesting Talking Head Videos

Here at Bold Content Video, we produce talking head videos all the time. We’ve collated some of our favourite videos for you to enjoy. Trafalgar – Alberto’s Winery Alberto’s winery is the perfect combination of an interview and a travel documentary. We are introduced... Read More
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Tips for Making an Inspirational Tourism Video

Something that most tourists do before choosing a place to visit is a quick online search of the location. One of the best ways to catch someone’s eye on the web is with a video: hence, most websites featuring a tourist destination will have a tourist video (or... Read More
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7 Great Examples Of Company History Videos

Behind each great company is an equally fascinating story of how the business came to be. Video is the perfect way of telling this tale. As the company history videos below demonstrate, there are numerous ways of explaining how a company was born and developed to... Read More


Bold Content Joins Tech She Can

Tech She Can becomes a charity with over 200 members As a charity, Tech She Can can inspire more young girls and women to pursue a career in technology Tech She Can Strategic Partners are PwC, Google, NatWest, Centrica, Credit Suisse, UST, Morgan Stanley, Tesco,... Read More


Video Marketing Hacks

Video Marketing Hacks Do you want to improve your online presence to drive up sales or help your business grow? Video marketing offers a flexible and cost-effective way to grab your audience’s attention, deliver your message in a memorable way and increase brand... Read More