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How to Align Your Video Team for Success

There are a huge number of factors to worry about when it comes to video production. Budget, shooting locations, equipment, scheduling, production offices, catering, to name a few. But before any of this becomes a concern, the very first thing you must determine is... Read More
Sir Tony presenting an Ancestry video in London produced by Bold Content


Top Tips for Video Interviewees

Here at Bold Content, one of our specialties is talking-head videos. While interview videos may sound easy to create, they are more challenging than one would think from watching our videos. A good portion of the result comes from preparation. We have years of... Read More
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The Importance of Video Encoding

‘Video encoding’ is a phrase that is thrown around a lot in the media industry. It may seem like a daunting concept, but never fear, it’s a quick study to understand. We’ve collected (and answered!) some common FAQ’s regarding video... Read More