Music Video


How to Shoot a Music Video

The music video is a medium that allows for a huge range in terms of creativity and production value. Take for example, the vast difference between Sinead O’Connor’s extremely minimalist video for “Nothing Compares To You” and the $10.7 million Michael Jackson video... Read More
Travel Video How To Views


How To Make A Travel Video For Your Next Holiday

When travelling, whether it be by purchasing a souvenir or snapping a photo, we always make a point to commemorate our time spent abroad. Photos have also been one of the best ways to relive your holiday memories, but now many are turning to video in order to share... Read More
Gimbal Camera Stabilisation System


A Guide to Gimbal Camera Stablisation Systems

The Steadi-cam is a stabilisation system has been around for years, but it requires an operator and tends to be bulkier. They are more frequently used on feature films. Gimbals condense the Steadi-cam system down for smaller-scale filmmakers, so they are able to... Read More
Wordpress blog on a laptop screen


How to Install WordPress on any Webserver

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to install WordPress onto your web server. (Click the images to make them bigger) Firstly, you need to log into your webhosting provider. We use BlueHost for our websites and for this tutorial.   If you haven’t already... Read More