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3 Fashion Brands Using Video Marketing Effectively

As a site with over one billion users, YouTube provides a massive platform for fashion brands to showcase their products. However, most people don’t go to YouTube to watch advertisements that feel like advertisements. Therefore, it is not effective for brands to just... Read More
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3 Reasons Why Companies Should Invest in Snapchat Ads

How much of an impact can a 10 second video advertisement have on Snapchat’s 100 million+ users? Over the next couple of months, some advertisers are going to find out. Recently, Snapchat debuted a new native video ad product called 3V. 3V advertising places 10... Read More
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4 Awesome Tony Scott Commercials

When Tony Scott graduated from art school his first inclination was to enter the world of documentary film-making. He was quickly dissuaded from the notion by older brother Ridley who had opened the  advertising agency Ridley Scott Associates. Ridley told his car... Read More