Ancestry Video Case Study


Ancestry Case Study

The Project Ancestry asked us to create a promotional video for the launch of a new collection of historic photos. Ancestry is the UK’s most popular family search website providing access to 1 billion records. Ancestry wanted to create a short video featuring... Read More
MTI Case Study


MTI Case Study

The Brief Mobile Technologies Inc (MTI) gave us a scope of work to film one of their technicians installing the MTI technology into a Vodafone store. MTI is a global provider of merchandising security solutions for consumer electronics and mobile enterprise... Read More
Sales Video


5 Things To Consider When Creating A Sales Video

In a survey of over 600 marketing professionals 93% stated that they used video for marketing and sales. Sales videos enable businesses to produce a commensurate experience to in-person sales while benefiting from the scale of the internet. If you are considering... Read More
Silent Video Advertising


Silent Video Makes A Surprise Comeback

In 1927 the Jazz Singer was released. The film was the first of the “talkies” – films which featured sound. It was an event which changed the world of film forever. In less than a decade the previously super popular silent films ceased to exist... Read More
YouTube Illustration


13 Quick and Easy YouTube Tips

The audience for online video content is massive and it’s only going to get bigger. In a 2015 white paper published by Cisco it was predicted that video would increase from 45% of all consumer internet traffic in 2014 to 80% in 2019. While Facebook has recently... Read More
Admedo Video


Admedo Employee Video Case Study

The Brief Admedo are a programmatic advertising company who were re-designing their website and gave us the brief of creating an informal series of videos in a relaxed environment. They wanted to show their audience they were real people with a passion for what they... Read More