Yahoo Acquires Brightroll For $640 million

The American Internet Corporation Yahoo! has acquired BrightRoll. BrightRoll is a company specialized in online advertising space for commercial videos. They are the industry’s leading platform reaching audiences across the web, mobile and connected TV. The cost of... Read More
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Behind The Scenes Look At Making The Blue Hat Event Videos

This summer Bold Content created several event videos for Blue Hat Group, a leading UK team building company. In this interview with Adam Neale, Managing Director of Bold Content, you can find a behind the scenes look at how the Blue Hat Group event videos were made.... Read More
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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need An Event Video

According to a Forbes Insights study, 65% of the business executives surveyed said that they would visit a company’s website, after viewing a video. (source) And that’s just one of the reasons that so many businesses choose to create an event video. Need more... Read More