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Behind the Scenes At The NASDAQ For The Macquaire MBA Shoot

For the first time in its history, prestigious Australian Business School Macquarie Graduate School of Management is taking their students on a global tour to learn from local stock market professionals. Students from the Raising Capital in Global Markets course have... Read More
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7 Ways To Market Your Event Video That Work

Video is a fantastic way to capture your conference, seminar or other event. But, once you have your event video ready you want to ensure that you maximize it’s impact. If you want your video to reach an external audience then you will need to market it. Here are... Read More
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Amazon To Buy Twitch For Almost $1 Billion

In August 2014 Google announced a $1 billion acquisition offer for Twitch. Now it appears Amazon will be the one snapping up the live streaming video platform. Amazon is set to acquire the outstanding shares of the company for $970 million in cash by the end of 2014.... Read More
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5 Newly Affordable Story Telling Tools

 It used to be that techniques such as slow motion in crisp HD, smooth dolly shots and steadicam shots were restricted to productions with big budgets. But thanks to a raft of cool new tools filmmakers are finding it more cost effective than ever to use high end,... Read More