Talking Heads Interview


10 Tips For Filming The Perfect Talking Heads Interview

Interview videos, aka Talking Heads, are one of the most frequently requested type of corporate videos. While talking head interview videos are relatively straight forward to produce, there is still plenty to think about if you want to produce a professional looking... Read More
Unique Event Video


How To Make A Unique Event Video That Looks Fantastic

300 hours of video footage is uploaded to YouTube every single minute. This gives an indication of the size of the audience for video content, but also the level of competition that exists. Creating a video for your event is a fantastic promotional tool, but how can... Read More
Event video filming technique


4 Innovative Event Video Filming Techniques

Event video are a fantastic way to expose your event video to audiences beyond those who can attend. But, how can you make your event video stand out from the crowd and really grab attention? To find the answer we talked to Adam Neale, MD at Bold Content, about what... Read More
Super Bowl Hidden Camera


Super Bowl Surprise Case Study

Our client contacted us with the idea of surprising the winner of an all-inclusive trip to the Super Bowl instead of just telling him. We thought this was a great idea and we were keen to work with them. They had some ideas of where the subject could encounter certain... Read More
Corporate video


How To Get The Best Sound Quality For Your Corporate Video

In this interview Bold Content’s Director of Photography Matt Camlin explains the importance of sound for creating an effective corporate video. He also explains how to achieve the best sound quality no matter where you are filming. “60 to 70% of information in a film... Read More
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