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How to Create a High Converting Customer Testimonial Video

Testimonial videos are extremely effective for moving a prospect from browser to buyer.  According to a survey from Dimensional Research 90% of people said that they were more inclined to purchase a product if they were exposed to a positive review first.  Testimonial... Read More
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3 Things To Think About When Filming A Conference Video

3 Things to think about when Filming a Conference Video Video is the ideal medium for showcasing speakers and presentations to people who could not attend your Conference. Video can also be used to market your next conference to prospective attendees. No matter why... Read More
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5 Reasons to Capture your Publicity Event on Video

5 Reasons to Capture your Publicity Event on Video Publicity events are designed to attract as wide an audience for a product or brand as possible. There is no better medium for capturing the public’s attention than video. Below are five reasons why: 1. Video... Read More
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Beginners Guide To Hotel Video Production

Video is the most powerful tool available to hotel marketeers as it can communicate so much information in such a short period of time. This is massively important when trying to attract casual web surfers who are browsing for content from many different suppliers. If... Read More