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3 Reasons Why Certain YouTube Videos Go Viral

  Gangnam Style, Nyan Cat, Friday, Charlie Bit My Finger. These are some of the YouTube sensations that have gotten millions of views and captivated so many different people. But why did they become so famous? Why are they so well known now? Kevin Alloca... Read More
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13 Quick and Easy YouTube Tips

The audience for online video content is massive and it’s only going to get bigger. In a 2015 white paper published by Cisco it was predicted that video would increase from 45% of all consumer internet traffic in 2014 to 80% in 2019. While Facebook has recently... Read More
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360 Degree Video Advertisements

A new world of video marketing possibilities have opened up with the announcement in March of this year that YouTube now supports 360 degree videos. 360 degree video is an interactive tool that places the viewer into the viewing experienc. Viewers can change their... Read More
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5 British YouTubers You Should Be Watching

YouTube has become the social media site for millennials to make a name for themselves. Older internet users may have missed the news but there are already numerous YouTubers, like Zoella or Caspar Lee, who are extremely famous. But, beyond these big names there are... Read More
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3 Fashion Brands Using Video Marketing Effectively

As a site with over one billion users, YouTube provides a massive platform for fashion brands to showcase their products. However, most people don’t go to YouTube to watch advertisements that feel like advertisements. Therefore, it is not effective for brands to just... Read More


5 Fantastic 360° YouTube Videos

A fully immersive viewing experience took a big step forward in March of this year when YouTube began supporting 360° video formats. Videos uploaded using 360° video enables the viewer to look in any direction that want using a control panel in the top left hand of... Read More