Video Ad Viewability


YouTube Dominates in 2017 Ad Viewability

Video Ad viewability is a tool being used by companies to asses how well an advertisement is being seen. For video advertisement to make an impact, they need to be watched—not just posted. Viewability measures whether or not an ad had a chance to be seen by a viewer.... Read More
how to increase watch time analytics


How to Increase Watch Time for your YouTube Video

One of the most important factors for how well your videos on YouTube rank is watch time. Watch time is widely considered to be even more important than the total number of views that the video receives. Here we’ll look at how you can determine the current watch time... Read More
How to create a TrueView Ad Campaign


How to Create a TrueView YouTube Ad Campaign

If you are considering video advertising then YouTube’s TrueView ads are one of the options to look at first. TrueView allow you to put your video ads in front of YouTube’s more than one billion users, with detailed targeting options and the ability to add... Read More