Coca-Cola Documentaries

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Entrepreneur Documentaries

Through the ThinkYoung entrepreneurship schools set up in Europe and Asia, every year 300 young people from all continents are given the opportunity to learn first hand experience from successful entrepreneurs, and develop the skills to create their own company.

In this short documentary, one of the graduates of the Entrepreneur school, Naga, shares how he entered the business world.

Lothar is an entrepreneur who took the Think Young summer school and went on to start a successful business called Skili.

Water Documentaries

We spoke to some of Europe’s most water scarce districts in order to raise awareness about the on going issues with safe and sustainable water.

Find out what makes Las Tablas de Daimiel such a special and important place.

Valencia has been famed for its oranges for decades but recent water shortages have led to farmers abandoning their land…

The Maltese Islands form the most water poor country in the European Union and one of the ten driest in the world.

Active Healthy Living Documentaries

Whilst traveling through Europe we interviewed many interesting people about their work with sports and active living.

Hear from Alberto, winner of The White Card, a football competition celebrating fair play in Spain

The International Kayaking Initiative in Poland pairs teenagers with elderly people for some outdoor kayaking fun.

The Liceo Luigi Garofano of Capua is a school that won first place in a Coca-Cola competition and received a football pitch made from recycled plastic

Aaliyah was a pupil who engaged with her school work because of the love she found for street dance.

The Beat the Street competition is an initiative to get kids active in a fun and innovative way.

Women Empowerment Documentaries

We worked with Coca-Cola to produce content for their 5by20 goal.

Candy created a business out of selling cakes

Angie went to the Adelante movement not knowing what to expect…

Here we find out how Preetie’s life has changed due to the solar cooler that Coca-Cola provided her with

Lea managed to build a successful and sustainable business whilst facing hardship

Maya built a business out of recycling old bottles.

Nely talks at the Adelante movement to help empower women.

Working with Coca-Cola

One of the things we’re most interested in in is how to get our content directly to audiences. So rather than just creating one main film, we often create different edits for multiple purposes. For example, in the projects above, you can see how we created one central piece of content designed to have a broad appeal. This is the ‘human interest story’.

For example:

Then we created a ‘project edit’ which is designed for use on corporate websites and at conferences to show the good work that Coca-Cola is doing. This has more of a brand focus than the human interest story so it’s less shareable but still an essential piece of content.

We then created ‘supporting content’ so we can target different online audiences. For example, during our shoot about a Coca-Cola supported water project where we met a farmer called Karmenu, we created breakout pieces of content designed to target different online audiences. We created two light-hearted pieces of content ‘Joe’s Farm Tour’ and ’The Game of Bocci as it’s played on Gozo.’ We made a film where Karmenu explains the rules of a traditional game called Bocci.

There is a surprising amount of search traffic around the word Bocci so we were able to rank on that search term, meaning that a whole new audience, who would otherwise never have known about the water shortage issue, have learned about life on Gozo and have been directed to follow a link back to the main film to learn more.