Snapchat and OnePlus

Diwali Lens Promotional Video

We planned, scripted, filmed and edited this promotional video for Snapchat and OnePlus over a three week period leading up to Diwali.  It was a very tight schedule and we had to navigate various Covid related lockdown restrictions in London, Amsterdam and Mumbai.

The client was delighted that we pulled off the filming at such short notice. We added the visual effects based on a storyboard of how the Snapchat lens works. 3D and particle effects were created in Nuke and comped into the exact UI of the different models of phone.

When it was released it gained over a million views on the OnePlus Youtube channel within the first day.

“You really pulled off one of the toughest shoots I have seen. Really commend the team at your end.”
– Senior Creative Strategist, Snapchat


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