English National Opera

English National Opera is an opera company based in London, resident at the London Coliseum. It is one of the two principal opera companies in London.

The Brief

English National Opera requested Vox Pop filming to promote a new Opera called the Indian Queen that was due to be launched in the near future. The brief proposed that we film people listening to the music and then hear their opinion of the music.



Vox Pop Video

This was a last-minute job so we jumped into action and delivered a creative proposal that went beyond what they were initially thinking. We love injecting a little creativity into any brief and this was no different. ENO was trialing a new kind of digital interactive poster, which allowed passersby to plug in headphones to listen to the Music from the opera, whilst they watched the trailer.

The brief initially proposed that we film people listening to the music whilst we play the opera music underneath those shots and then hear their opinion of the music. However, we proposed that we save the music until after the interviewees give us their opinion.

This encourages the audience to keep watching the video for longer than they otherwise might. Initially, because they want to know what the members of the public are talking about but then because they want to form their own opinion of the music.

We wanted to challenge the notions of Opera music being for a certain type of person so we targeted a wide range of the public who were out on Brick Lane that day and captured their genuine reactions to the music.

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