Broadgate is a very large office and retail centre in the City of London. The modern and mainly-pedestrianised development is located on the original site of Broad Street station, which was closed in 1986.

The brief

Our goal was to capture the way people and street art coexist and compliment each other, day to day.


Exploration of the public art in Central London

A creative look at how public art interjects itself in people’s daily lives on the busy streets of London.

An exploration of how people interact with public art on a daily basis on the Broadgate Estate, near Liverpool Street Station in London. We shot this over several months using a variety of techniques including hyper-lapses and time-lapses to show how the art is a constant in people’s ever changing lives. Some people found the art inspiring, comforting and reassuring, others a pointless waste of space but either way it sparked thought and debate in a space where busy people hurry about their daily lives, often without looking up from their smartphones.

It was edited on Premiere and graded with Resolve.

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