Minelab is the world leader in providing metal detecting technologies for consumer, humanitarian de-mining and military needs.

The Brief

Bold Content was asked to create a product video for Minelab’s new metal detector, The Equinox 600. We were given a storyboard document for guidance, and supplied the specific assets the client wanted used in the video. The video would feature Brandon Neice, who is a Detectorist, Treasure Talk Blogger, and Field Tester.

Product Video

Due to the very specific concept our client had for this video, we decided to use a larger crew to capture the desired look and feel.

In addition to our film crew in we utilised a drone operator and on-set photographer. Production took place near the Heythrop Park Resort.

We decided to use various on-screen graphics and animation to help this video stand out from the usual ‘product film’.

Sound was a challenge for this piece, due to our on-location shoot, but we were able balance the audio through hard work from our editors to maintain a professional sound. Our production team utilised an on-camera mic in addition to a lavalier being placed on our subject. This allowed our editor to have an audio reference for the video. It also enabled them to accurately place the external audio to match the video.

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