Bold Content Boost Your Online Presence with an Explainer Video

One of the most popular types of corporate video is the explainer video. An explainer video traditionally explains the unique features and benefits of a product. It keeps content engaging by utilising a variety of styles, such as animation or live action.

Here’s a great sample to show you how a visually beautiful explainer video can double as an advertisement:

Exactly how useful is an explainer video? Think about how many times you’ve visited a website and couldn’t be bothered to read through a bunch of text. How often, though, would you pause to watch a video? Here are some statistics to further show the benefits of investing in an explainer video for your company.

  • A staggering 98% of users say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.
  • explainer video benefits45% of businesses that use video say they have an explainer video on their home page. Of these businesses, 83% say their home page explainer video is effective.
  • 74% of users who watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service subsequently bought it.
  • 97% of businesses using explainer videos say it helps users understand their business better.
  • When having difficulty with an app or product, 68% of users would prefer to watch a video that explains how to solve the problem, as opposed to calling the business and speaking to a support team member.
  • The time women have spent watching entrepreneurial videos on YouTube has doubled in the last year.
  • 59% of businesses that use video advertising have already invested in explainer videos.

Why are Explainer Videos So Effective?

Attention span is a large factor. Recent studies show the average human attention span is now less than 8 seconds, which means you have less than 8 seconds to catch (and keep!) a potential consumer’s attentiveness. Explainer videos inspire curiosity—they show the viewer how something is made, done, or used.

Explainer videos also appeal to both visual and verbal learners. By utilising animation or physical demonstration, visual learners are addressed. Adding in a narration or voice-over caters to verbal learners. These elements combines assist in retention and brand recognition of the product or service. 

explainer video benefits

They also promote clear presentation by forcing you to compress your ideas. Explainer videos typically display a problem and a solution, and explain to the potential consumer why your product/service is the best solution.

In summary, statistics show that in general, explainer videos help with sales. They have a higher chance of being viewed, because they are practical and useful. They inspire curiosity and better hold attention. It teaches the consumer how something works, and by doubling as an advertisement, it is a ‘win-win’ for both parties involved.