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When you work with Bold Content Video Production, you will have access to years of commercial video production experience

We Create Effective Commercials

We were able to bring tremendous cost savings to our clients for recent TV commercial campaigns. Bloomon was translated into three languages and broadcast across European TV stations. It was also used as a Facebook ad to raise brand awareness.  We filmed two versions of the commercial over a two-day period, featuring two different actresses for a very cost-effective budget. We worked directly with the brand on all the creative development (not through an agency) so the marketing spend on the project delivered incredible ROI, which made for a very happy client.

Our Trafalgar commercial was another example of us working directly with the brand to do all the creative planning for a TV and cinema advertising campaign. We filmed over two days in Venice and South London to create a cost-effective commercial, which played for several months on TV and Cinema screens, and now lives online.

Our commercial video production company team comes from a diverse range of experience in film production, visual effects, and commercial advertising. We have in-house producers, writers, directors, and camera operators, as well as an array of additional production team members.

An example of our work in the sports sector came from a high-end TV commercial for a wearable tech product that was broadcast during the Champion’s League final.

A commercial for Mavericks

We worked with them on a new promotional/informational video for our organisation. The video met all of our expectations, finished at a really high quality, and was delivered on time. We were very pleased with the end result.

C40, Campaigns Manager

Our clients

In order to make videos that drive results, we start with our client’s desired marketing goals and devise a video strategy to meet those goals. Bold Content Video have experience creating promotional videos for a wide range of clients and across a diverse range of industries. We have had the privilege of working with leading organisations such as the H&M and innovative businesses such as AWIN, and Sedex.

Creative commercials which deliver outstanding ROI

At Bold Content Video, we work through every step of the process from coming up with the initial concept, through to execution. We ensure that this entire process is efficient, transparent and of course delivers an exceptional commercial video. Our in-house creatives are able to help with concept ideas and advise on your existing ideas to get them ready for production. We are able to facilitate commercial video production at any stage. We aim to cater for all and deliver the highest quality commercials with big and small budgets, using state-of-the-art video equipment used on feature films, TV programmes, and commercials.

After the production and editing, we are able to help with sharing your new commercial campaign by working with our marketing team to promote the new content.

A promotional video for the Renault Alpine

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