Byrd is an app for smartphones that is building a community for news, photo and video enthusiasts. The app allows users to shoot video or take pictures, which they can then sell to news outlets. The user can respond to an assignment and capturing content to meet the assignment brief. They can also share interesting footage or images that may have value to a news agency.

The Brief

The client was looking for a video that would sum up the key features and value proposition of Byrd in an unconventional way. They needed a video that would instantly catch peoples attention and show off the interface of the app, as well as showing the app being used in a ‘real-life’ environment. They needed a lot achieved in a short space of time.

App Promotional Video

As a team, we immediately wanted to build a story-based piece that would waste no time getting to the point of what the app was all about. After a few iterations, we decided, with the client, that we would have a central character with a visually arresting hobby that would bring the video to life. Our ‘hero’ of the video was an actor, who was also a very proficient skateboarder.
We refined the script to bring out the three cornerstone features of the Byrd app – shoot, sell and share. The storyline then arced around our central character going about his day, while both searching out and happening upon news-worthy content.
Stylistically, we mixed both tight and wide shots with a number of reverse shots of the app on-screen, so the usable and straightforward interface could be highlighted to potential users. This gave the brand the recognition of the app that they were looking for.
The whole video was shot with overlayed motion-tracking animation in mind. Adding this has lifted the whole video to being a visually arresting and very watchable video.
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