Colt Technologies

Digital Transformation Through Interactive Video

Project Overview

Colt, seeking a departure from conventional communication, tasked Bold Content with crafting an internal comms video that not only informed but captivated its extensive employee base. The objective was to communicate the intricacies of Colt’s multi-year digital evolution and the imminent integration of AI and machine learning into their daily operations.

Creative Approach

Recognising the diverse interests within Colt’s workforce, Bold Content proposed a dual-video strategy. A dynamic, concise edit served as a teaser for an all-hands team meeting, whilst a longer, interactive version catered to employees’ specific domains. From discussions with their HR department we knew that the term digital transformation can cause trepidation amongst employees fearing for their jobs. Therefore we designed the creative tone to exude reassurance, symbolised through metaphorical visuals such as breaking new ground and plant growth.

Production Highlights

Executed within a condensed one-week timeframe, our Producers showed thorough planning and collaboration, allowing us to complete the video production in the given timeframe. Fish-eye and probe lenses along with metaphorical objects, like shovels and plants, added depth to the storytelling.

Challenges and Solutions

The incorporation of interactivity posed a unique challenge. Bold Content strategically mapped out the user journey to maintain viewer engagement, ensuring a seamless transition between the main film and supplementary materials. Motion graphics and an engaging quiz enhanced the interactive experience. 

One of the benefits of interactive video is that the viewer can watch a short film to gain a top level understanding of the concept, then delve deeper to learn more about the subjects that really interest them. This helped us to pack in a lot of information about a complex subject, without boring audience members who just wanted to gain a better understanding of the company’s digital transformation story. 

Visual Styling and Aesthetics

A distinctive visual identity emerged, departing from conventional corporate tech aesthetics. The slightly squared format, lens choices and careful grading infused the video with a youthful quality. We studied current music videos to ensure we encompassed the latest video trends. The interactive element of the video, combined with the project’s success has allowed for the possibility of potential updates. This ensures that the interactive video remains a relevant and evolving piece. Colt’s positive response and our ongoing collaboration underscore the video’s effectiveness in shaping their communication strategy.

Bold Content’s collaboration with Colt not only succeeded in delivering a visually captivating video but also established a foundation for continued collaboration. Our client received glowing feedback from colleagues around the organisation. This case study reflects not just a project completion but the continuation of a long-term partnership, highlighting the power of innovative storytelling in corporate communication.

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