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Humanising A Tech Brand

We were recently approached by the HR department of a legal software brand who gave us a challenge: to infuse their brand with a human touch, to help with employee recruitment and retention.

Their brief was to provide prospects and customers with an intimate and relatable experience, acquainting them with the individuals behind the brand. We collaborated closely to craft an employer brand video that would give voice to their employees. It became a platform for them to express their authentic selves, articulate their beliefs, and express their deep affinity for being part of the team.

The video above shows a snapshot from the full length film which features more people and more stories.

In the pre-production phase we considered how to foster an atmosphere of ease and candour within the controlled confines of a studio environment. Logistics dictated the use of a studio in central London, but we strived to create a warm and welcoming ambiance that’s often lacking in studios. We wanted to ensure we created an environment conducive to capturing genuine and unscripted moments.

We consciously steered away from the conventional approach of solely relying on talking head interviews, because of the potential for viewer disengagement. Instead, we embarked upon an innovative concept: blending a lively photoshoot with candid conversations. This dual approach not only eased participants into the interview by fostering relaxation and authenticity, but it also provided an opportunity to capture vibrant B-roll footage, showcasing the participants enjoying themselves and revealing their true essence.

Below you can see a behind the scenes video detailing how we brought the recruitment video concept to life. 


With an established reputation, our photographer brought his unique perspective to the project. Using a blend of digital photography and Polaroid film, we infused the visual narrative with a tactile appeal, combining the tangible allure of Polaroids with the versatility of digital media.

The production process took meticulous attention to detail from our Producer. Three video cameras were strategically deployed, each fulfilling a specific purpose. One camera roamed the set, discreetly capturing spontaneous behind-the-scenes moments as participants underwent hair and makeup preparations. The remaining two cameras focused on the interviewees, providing an intimate window into their candid conversations with our Director who skilfully created an atmosphere of comfort and trust, eliciting responses that highlighted the participants’ personalities and values.

The questions were thoughtfully curated, encompassing both corporate inquiries related to their roles and deeper introspective reflections. The intention was clear: to reveal the genuine essence of each individual, capturing moments of authenticity, connection, and humanity. The participants were treated to an enjoyable experience. The fusion of a professional photoshoot and the opportunity to be part of their own brand film also provided a nice day out of the office.

In an age of AI generated content and automated customer service, it’s more important than ever for brands to show their human side.

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