Mobile Technologies Inc (MTI) is a global provider of merchandising security solutions for consumer electronics and mobile enterprise applications.

The Brief

MTI gave us a scope of work to film one of their technicians installing the MTI technology into a Vodafone store.

Security Installation Training Video

MTI provided example videos of how they wanted the outcome to look which was extremely useful for us and insured they received a video which met their expectations. Initially MTI required two versions but we advised that the video content be divided up into six edits instead. The shorter edits would provide videos which would be more easily consumed by their target audience. Retention was key for these training videos so again shorter was likely to be more effective.

The video had to be shot over night when the store was closed, meaning there was no natural light. The whole store had to be lit to make the product look attractive and to avoid harsh shadows obscuring details. This was not easy but thankfully our in-house lighting cameraman is experienced and proficient in lighting detailed product demo videos.

Royalty free background music was added in post production along with MTI bumpers. The finished content will be used by MTI both as a product demonstration video and a staff training video.

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