P.F. Chang’s Asian Table

P.F. Chang’s Asian Table is a highly-regarded restaurant chain featuring authentic Asian cuisine. They have over 250 restaurants in the USA and over 50 worldwide.

The brief

Our client asked us to create a documentary-style video promoting their new location in London.

Corporate Restaurant Video

We created this video for P.F. Chang to show at a conference of internal stakeholders to educate them about the opening of their latest location: Leicester Square in London. We wanted to showcase the staff and hear in their own words why the restaurant is special. We also wanted to ‘let people in’ on the history of P.F. Chang. In order to create a cost-effective video our camera people captured the sharp images using the 4K capabilities of the Sony FS7, paired with an A7s on a gimbal and LED lighting panels. Because we knew we had a captive audience who had a vested interest in the content, we were able to leave our edits slightly longer than we would for a general audience. We knew that they would be interested in hearing longer comments from new staff members and especially the founder so the comments are left for longer than our usual style of editing.

Due to the slower pace of this film we knew that it would not be appropriate for a social media audience so we asked our client whether we could create a version of the edit that would help them to engage a general audience. They allowed us to have creative control over the social media version and we created a documentary film which is very different in style and pace to other restaurant promo videos. https://boldcontentvideo.com/project/p-f-changs-asian-table-documentary/

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