Bold Content Using Video Content to Boost Sales and Increase ROI

As marketers, we’re told to designate 25% to 30% of our budget to content marketing. Which is great if you know how to maximise your investment and yield substantial ROI. Unfortunately content marketing isn’t going to magically drive up your sales if your target audience doesn’t engage with it in the way that you want.

One of the most powerful content marketing tools is video. Videos have broad appeal, can increase brand awareness and encourage brand loyalty. What’s more, with social media videos can be shared, helping you broaden your reach and find new audiences.

As we’re specialists in video marketing, we’ve got some ideas on how you can make the most of your video content to boost sales and increase ROI.

Work with your sales team

Building a strong relationship between your sales and marketing teams is an essential first step in helping your business grow. The sales team wont be able to use your video content if it doesn’t reflect their needs. Establishing good communication between both departments mitigates any risk of the marketing team producing video content that doesn’t suit the sales team’s objectives. If the sales team can’t use the assets you provide, then your video could wind up redundant.

Understand what your sales team could use on social media for prospective clients to open up with questions, thoughts and concerns. It’s all about nurturing leads and producing video content that supports that process – whether that’s with explainer videos, testimonial videos or interviews with key staff members. Find out what questions prospective clients have and address these concerns in a video, you never know, it might help with your conversion rate.

Video can be an amazing asset to any company with a sales and marketing team who work in tandem to create video content that directly suits the needs of your prospects and clients.

Build Brand Trust

Understanding who your target audience is is a great way to foster brand trust. Tailoring your video content to educate your target audience on market trends, or answering questions they might have on your product or service is a great way to build brand trust. This wont happen over night, but becoming a valued and reliable source that your clients and prospective clients can lean on is invaluable to your brand visibility and memorability.

Case Studies

Creating video case studies can be a helpful way to add credibility to your brand, as it can amplify your satisfied clients’ voice and how your product benefited them. Case studies can showcase your previous clients and offer a “behind the scenes” of the work you do. This can help to influence future sales and reinforce your trustworthiness to help increase your ROI.

We produced this case study video for MarketInvoice, spotlighting one of their biggest customers, Craft Drink Company and how they use MarketInvoice technology to support their operations. You can read more about the project here.

Awareness Decision Action

Having a clear marketing goal for each video you produce will help you measure your video’s performance and make sure that you’re not producing video content in a vacuum.

If you’re looking to boost sales and increase your ROI it’s worth thinking about the consumer journey from becoming aware of your brand to making a purchase. For example, consider whether your video is aimed at raising awareness about your brand; educating your audiences about your product; or designed to encourage consumers to choose you over your competition.

Once you know what you want the video to achieve, you’ll be able to find the right style of video for your campaign. If you’re wanting to raise brand awareness you might look to produce promotional videos or branded content. If you’re looking to engage consumers at the “decision” stage of their buyer journey, a case study video, about us video or customer testimonial video might be appropriate to give them more information about who you are. Finally, if your video’s objective is to help your buyer take action, you might have FAQs or explainer videos for your product to help them make an informed decision.

Your video marketing campaign can help to support you during the sales process by presenting your target audience with videos that are relevant to their relationship with your brand.


Video marketing can be a great way to strengthen your SEO.

With Google, having a video on your website can drastically improve your chance of a search listing on page 1. As Google and YouTube are connected, having a presence on YouTube will also mean that your video marketing are more likely to appear in search results and help to boost your audience engagement.

Video marketing on social media works best when integrated with other forms of content such as blog posts, infographics, company updates and sharing employee statuses. Posting regularly can help to maintain engagement on your social channels can also help to boost your SEO if your content is filled with keywords you want to rank for.

If you want to ensure that your video reaches it’s full potential, make sure that you always add a description of what the video is. If you use the relevant keywords, it will help your video rank in searches and hopefully generate more traffic.


We hope these ideas will help you when it comes to planning and executing your video marketing strategy. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the video production services that Bold Content offer, please don’t hesitate to give us a ring on +44 (0) 20 3637 1467.

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