Mimadamos is a fantasy novel by author Chadi B. Ghaith.


The Brief

The story of Mimadamos is set with in a mythological world. Human manifestations of Destiny, Fate, Space, and Time progress through their own philosophical battles throughout the novel. Our brief was to create a video book trailer to reflect this epic journey.



Book Trailer

We wanted to create a trailer that would reflect the abstract and deep thought that goes into the Mimadamos novel. We decided to use a combination of live-action and animation to help explore this mythological world. The dark textures, along with fantasy imagery, provoke the viewer and leave them wanting to know more. The trailer was all shot in a big green-screen studio. We built the rock, the cliff edge and the apple tree but the backgrounds and VFX were composited in. The snake was one of the most interesting elements of the shoot as a thick piece of material was replaced by a digital 3D modelled snake.

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