YoungMinds is a charity that supports mental health in children and young adults. Their mission is to support and empower youth, and ensure the best possible mental health support is available to all that need it.

The brief

We were approached by YoungMinds to create a video that would convince viewers to donate to their cause. The video was to be aired live at the Sidemen Football Club versus YouTube Allstars Charity Match 2018, and also live-streamed on YouTube. YoungMinds had a brief that required a video that would be ‘unlike other charity videos’.

Charity Video

Our charity video for YoungMinds is a great example of how we re-invest our profits into supporting young filmmakers and charitable causes. One of our in-house directors, Ben Wilkinson, took the lead on this project. Ben is a recent graduate of Ravensbourne University. His vision led the development of this project.

We had the opportunity to work with Alex, a youth who was helped by YoungMinds. We filmed this video with him in a single day, utilizing long hours to save money for our client. Equipment used was the Sony FS7 and stunning Zeiss Super Speed Prime Lenses, for crisp and shallow focus, to emphasis the internal dialogue. In post-production, we followed a storyboard approved by our client. We implemented some post-production tricks, such as the ‘glitch’ effect, along with a custom-designed sound effect panel. We finished with a subtle colour grade that accentuated Alex’s character arc from down-on-himself to confident.

Our video went on to receive nearly 5 million views on YouTube, and helped YoungMinds to raise 131% of their fundraising goal.


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