minelab event video


Case Study: Minelab Event Video

Bold Content recently had the incredible experience of delving into the niche world of detecting. Detecting is a hobby for many people in the United Kingdom (referred to as ‘detectorists’). We had the privilege of working with Minelab, a metal-detector technology... Read More
James Gough


An Interview with James Gough

We have recently had the good luck of adding another talented director to our in-house team, James Gough. We sat down with him to ask him some questions and get to know him a little better. From the corporate side, James is a car and sports specialist. His previous... Read More


POQ Production Diary #1

We were approached by POQ several months ago to create a promotional video for an up-and-coming app. POQ is an app commerce company. App commerce, like e-commerce, has evolved out of a new channel created by innovations in technology. POQ was looking for a video that... Read More
TV ad on budget


Tips for Making a TV Ad on a Budget

  One of the best things about the digital revolution is that video content is becoming more and more affordable to make. Improvements in technology mean that smaller businesses can afford to create videos that reflect what they offer. These videos don’t have to... Read More
post-production services


What are Video Post-Production Services?

The third stage of video or film development is referred to as post-production, with the first stage being pre-production, where the video is planned, and the second stage being production, where the video is filmed. Post-production generally includes everything that... Read More
Impactful Video Production


How to Achieve Impactful Video Production

Creating an impactful video in today’s oversaturated market can be challenging—especially when it comes to making a promotional or corporate video. We’ve collected a list of strategies you can employ to help your video ‘pop’. We will cover: Story Video Placement... Read More
Byrd Case Study


Case Study: Promo Video for News App ‘Byrd’

Bold Content recently completed a brand-new product video for one of our clients, Byrd. Byrd is an innovative news app for smartphones. The application allows users to shoot video or take pictures, which they can then sell to news outlets. The app is built on a... Read More
experiential marketing 2017


Great Examples of Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing can easily be defined as marketing that gives the potential consumer an experience. However, this unhelpful definition draws a very fuzzy line between it and content marketing. A better way to explain this type of marketing is ‘to give the... Read More
expand your brand presence


Tips for Expanding Your Brand Presence in a Positive Way

Creating a positive brand message and maintaining that image is a challenging one. There are multiple ways to go about building your brand presence online and within your industry’s community. We will explore some of these tips in this article, but first we need to... Read More
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