What Is Shutter Speed? How Shutter Speed Is Used In Video

Any product that takes pictures will be using shutter speed. This is because the ‘shutter’ used to be a piece of metal in a camera that was lifted to expose film and then shut back down again to put the film in darkness. The speed in which this happened... Read More
Recruitment Videos


12 Great Examples Of Recruitment Videos

In a knowledge-driven economy the most valuable asset that a company has is their employees. Attracting top talent is therefore more important than ever before. The most talented employees have plenty of options where they are going to work. To appeal to the type of... Read More


6 Highly Persuasive Product Videos

Video is arguably the most persuasive medium for presenting your product. A good product video quickly captures the viewer’s attention then presents the product in the best possible light. The ability to combine compelling visual imagery with onscreen text and... Read More
Twitter Video Ads


Twitter Introduces Guaranteed Video Ads

Twitter is introducing guaranteed ad buys for certain advertisers. The new video ad product is a move towards offering a product which more closely matches TV advertising. This could prove popular for advertisers looking to target millennials & generation Z, who... Read More
Color Grading Example


A Guide To Colour Grading For Corporate Videos

What is ‘colour grading’ Colour grading is the process of altering and enhancing the colour of a film, video or photograph. Colour grading is the backbone of the visual world and is used in every; corporate video, commercial, documentary, film, web show, etc.… In... Read More


A User Review Of Vimeo’s New Review And Approval Tool

As a video production company we’re power users of Vimeo and absolutely love it. For many years we’ve been fans of the way Vimeo supports filmmakers and constantly improves the platform to add features and functionality. Upon uploading a video today we noticed a new... Read More
USA Travel Trip


Trafalgar USA Travel Videos (Behind The Scenes)

At Bold Content we are avid travellers. So we didn’t need to be asked twice to film Trafalgar’s US travel packages. Aimed at the Australian market, the videos are designed to get travellers thinking beyond the standard European holiday and reconsider the United States... Read More
London on a bicycle 360 degree video


London On A Bicycle 360 Degree Video

We recently filmed the London segment of a multi-country VR video on behalf of Google for Entrepreneurs & VanMoof Bicycle. Our part required us to capture a 360 degree video of the streets of London on a bicycle. Capturing a good quality 360 degree video from a... Read More
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