3D Printing For Brands


How 3D Printing Will Transform Business

You may ask, why is a video production company featuring 3D printing on its blog…. Well the two may be more closely intertwined than you think. With the rise of augmented reality as a means of delivering high-quality, targeted video production to consumers, physical... Read More
Beginners Guide To 360


A Beginner’s Guide To 360 Video

You can’t go anywhere in the video production or marketing industry today, without somebody mentioning 360 videos (not least on this blog). The word is being thrown around at every available chance, and is certainly the buzzword of the moment, that will show up in... Read More
Augmented Reality Marketing


10 Examples Of Augmented Reality Used For Marketing

Walgreens – Aisle411 Utilizing the Google developed Tango technology, Walgreens have been testing a customer loyalty app. The app can not only guide customers around the store, helping them find that elusive can of chick peas, but also direct them to promotions... Read More
Virtual Reality Work


Virtual Reality in the Work Place

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock in 1942, you will no doubt aware that the business world is currently very excited about the prospect of virtual or augmented reality. While the implications for the film, gaming and music industries seem obvious. It is the... Read More
Low Cost 3D Motion Capture


3D Motion Capture Goes Mobile

We’ve all seen behind the scenes footage from films like ‘Lord of The Rings’ and the revamped ‘Planet of the Apes’. Where some poor actor is dressed head to toe in green spandex, with markers all over their body, only to be replaced by a digital character in... Read More
Sky VR


Sky Launches VR App For Sports, Docs And News

Earlier this year, the Rio Olympics became the first major broadcast to offer a VR experience to viewers. Offering the highlights of the opening ceremony, basketball, gymnastics, track and field, beach volleyball, diving, boxing, fencing and closing ceremony via 180... Read More
Female Traveler Video


5 Insights From Google To Help Plan Your Next Travel Video

Video is a fantastic way of selling the “dream” of travel. The mix of sound, visuals and text, make it uniquely effective at conveying what it feels like to travel. But video can also be used to deliver in a quick and compelling way the key information travellers need... Read More
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