P.F. Chang's Asian Table Chocolate Cake with Strawberries


P.F. Chang’s Asian Table: An Interview with the Director

  P.F. Chang’s Asian Table is a highly-regarded restaurant chain featuring authentic Asian cuisine. This year, Bold Content had the opportunity to film several videos at P.F. Chang’s London location. We were approached by the client with the intent of creating a... Read More
Beautiful architecture at night


The Case for Vertical

We’ve previously discussed on our corporate blog how video is the new standard in marketing. Video advertising is everywhere: the television, computer, phones, tablets, billboards; the list goes on. Content creation is easy for even smaller businesses to take... Read More
Person holding in iPhone


Social Media Statistics for 2018

  An increasing number of marketers are utilising social media in an exponential capacity. This makes social media research a crucial tool in determining how to best put together an online strategy. This study by the Global Web Index indicates what the social media... Read More
#bestmanproject social media post by Bold Content


CALM Production Diary #3: Our Social Media Strategy

  Bold Content recently collaborated with CALM and numerous other agencies to create a campaign aimed at de-stigmatising mental health. CALM stands for the Campaign Against Living Miserably, a charity whose goal is to combat male suicide. We contributed from... Read More
Byrd Kevin McLoughlin


An Interview with Kevin McGloughlin

  Bold Content recently sat down to chat with Ireland-based director Kevin McGloughlin. Kevin is a growing name in the animation industry, having been featured on Vimeo Staff Picks several times. He has a track record of producing videos that are truly unique in their... Read More
Minelab event video still produced by Bold Content


Case Study: Minelab Event Video

Bold Content recently had the incredible experience of delving into the niche world of detecting. Detecting is a hobby for many people in the United Kingdom (referred to as ‘detectorists’). We had the privilege of working with Minelab, a metal-detector technology... Read More