Choosing the best soundtrack for your video


Choosing the Right Soundtrack to Enhance your Video

Making a promo video can be tricky, but one of the most challenging (and often the most fun!) part of post-production is selecting the right track to accompany your visuals. Feel free to play around with different kinds of songs behind your video—this can get really... Read More
tips for brand safety online


Brand Safety: How to Better Protect Your Content

What Is Brand Safety Brand safety is a concept that did not exist ten years ago. It refers to knowing where your content is and how it is being used, most prominently online. As a reputable company, you only want your advertising to be displayed on credible websites:... Read More
CALM charity video


CALM Production Diary #1

Bold Content has partnered with the not-for-profit organisation CALM to create a video revolving around de-stigmatizing mental health. CALM stands for Campaign Against Living Miserably, and is dedicated to preventing male suicide, which is the single biggest killer of... Read More
Drum's Do-It Day


Bold Content at The Drum’s Do-It Day Hack

  With the Do-It Day Launch just around the corner, we thought we’d talk a little about Bold Content’s experience getting started with this six-week journey. Do-It Day is an event put on by The Drum, an organisation which encourages marketers to... Read More
Using horror for advertising 2017


The Halloween Trend of 2017: Using Horror to Advertise

Tis the season of scaring—and marketers are upping their game this year. Several top-of-the-line brands are implementing a perhaps under-utilised strategy in the past: using horror to advertise. Horror films have long intrigued moviegoers through their use of suspense... Read More
tips for conference video


Tips for Making a Conference Video Engaging

Conferences can be enormous events for big players within a given industry. They are a place of networking, reminiscing, and exploring new innovations within the trade. A corporate video featuring a conference can be a fantastic marketing tool, both for recruitment... Read More
improve your next MOOC with professional video


How Professional Video Can Improve Your Next MOOC

Online teaching is an ever-growing implement in the education world. What started with the invention of the internet has expanded to something commonplace in most modern Universities. Not only this, MOOCs are a becoming a widespread tool for self-teaching. First of... Read More
Rhino slider review


The Rhino Motion Slider: Our User Review

Bold Content was lucky enough to test out the new Rhino Motion Slider last week thanks to our friends at Grip Up. One of our cameramen, Jake Kelsall, worked with the brand-new slider to capture more intriguing footage. Here’s a post-usage interview detailing the... Read More
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