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Colt’s Hybrid Working video was received a Centauri and Arcturus award at the 2022 Vega Digital Awards, as well as winning Gold at the 2022 LIT Commercial Awards.

Hybrid Working Explainer Video

Hybrid Working is the new normal. In this video Ash Surti takes us through how Colt have adapted their technologies and ways of working to cope with the new way of working.

This video came about after Colt briefed us with an idea for a hybrid working video.  The brief included a script for a six minute long jargon-laden video which sounded like it had been copied and pasted from a white paper.  We worked with them to conceptualise a video which would be audience friendly, entertaining and visually interesting.

We proposed the motif of connectivity and networking via balls that would represent data. Those balls would be fired into the sky from offices and also from homes in order to represent hybrid working.  Eyebrows were raised at this approach because it was a creative leap away from anything that had been done before but Colt decided to trust us because we have a history of delivering extraordinary videos when we have creative license.

One of the advantages of working with Bold Content is that we go to great lengths to get to know a brand in-depth. We then channel our clients core values into creative videos that make them stand out from the crowd. Colt have a vibrant and dynamic brand and we wanted to bring that out in every frame of the video we created for them.

We had music made to fit the beats of the animation so when the balls of data appear we hear a horn sound in the music track. We worked closely with the brand team to ensure the light-hearted an playful tone reflected Colt’s distinctive brand tone of voice without ever becoming comical or risible.

The opening shot is designed to be thumb-stopping when viewed on social media, such as LinkedIn.  The use of 3D animation with bold block colours is unusual and the horizontal motion of the buildings coming in contrasts with the vertical scrolling motion of a social feed. All of this contributes towards making an attention grabbing opening shot.

Further to the concept of data being visualised in animation, we carried that through to the visuals we filmed with Ash and the final shot is of him throwing a teal coloured ball into the air.  Teal is the colt brand colour so our production designer found themselves spray painting a lacrosse ball in the exact shade of teal to match their brand guidelines.  These are the lengths we go to in order to bring the brand through in every frame.

Planning time to shoot creative cutaway shots both at the Colt head office and offsite to show hybrid working allowed us to include colt employees. The video was received really well internally because viewers loved seeing their colleagues on-screen.  It makes for a really special team effort and contributed to camaraderie.

In this video we used 3D animation, 2D animated transitions, creative cutaway shots, cinematic interview filming, walking and talking shots. All these techniques elevate the content from what could have been delivered as a dull talking head interview with some generic stock footage cutaways.

If you’re interested in how we can help you to elevate your video production to encompass your unique brand then please get in touch via the contact page.

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